April 2, 2011

“Nowhere alone”, an english rumba

Nowhere alone was born from a year of experiences outside our country. Like us, more and more young people choose (or are forced) to leave their homelands looking for new opportunities. It’s when a big door opens into the unknown which has to be harnessed and confronted always with optimism. Sometimes loneliness calls to that mysterious door and it’s not easy to leave it away. Then plays Nowhere Alone. A song that reminds us we are never alone.

The fact of choosing a rumba and sing in english is the way to show how you feel in those moments. Your roots, like rumba catalana, accompany you whenever you go and mingle with new acquisitions that soon will become part of you. Family and friends, from the distance, support you with no conditions. At the same time, thousands of miles of you, you weaving new relationships that eventually become a second family. To everyone, those from here and those from there, we dedicate Nowhere Alone. 

Hope you like it! 😉