March 22, 2015

One step closer

New release of Aravai, an EP album called “One step closer” with three special tracks where you can hear rap from different angles.


This EP, has been recorded with Josep Maria Bossa in Bossa Records(Lleida) last 23rd February 2015. Emil on the main voice and Alex arranging. One step closer and one step further on our way of improvement. Album is already available on itunes (click on image to get it).

     Emil in studio    Portada EP Aravai    

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July 21, 2014

Whenever you feel thirsty, have another round

Last April 2014, Emil came to Lleida (Spain) to record this track. Another round and another time that something different comes up from Aravai. A speed up video telling the story backwards from the day Emil left to the day he arrived to Lleida. Going trough the beach, bars and pool club. Every single place was good to have another round.

aravai band1

A good vibe song with a home video showing a bit of what we did those days. Thanks to all of you.

May 8, 2013

New videoclip “I’ll destroy you”, Rap Battle in Winchester club

"I'll destroy you" posterRap battle in Winchester nightclub (Bournemouth).  On March 16th, Aravai recorded “I’ll destroy you”.

With a possessed song, Majer Emil duels with three rappers literally destroying them after each battle. Em (Emil) uses his best weapon, rap, to see as one by one his opponents fell down, and then to the floor.

“I’ll destroy you” uses the beat of “Snap – rhythm is a dancer” pitched up plus the devilishly fast rap adds a unique character to the song. Intensity, energy and rhythm transmits the video recorded and edited by Bobby MBoma.

Over fifty people participated in the video, making this possible. Really, thanks to all of them. 

November 14, 2012

“Salta alto”, new music video. Full of energy dance-pop track

"Salta alto" fan collector poster

“Salta alto” fan collector poster

The September 22, 2012 Aravai recorded a new music video in Trèvol Lleida fitness center. Thanks to the participation of many people, the recording was very funny and exhausting. Under the direction of Laia Navarra and Roser Biosca as camera, the video runs on a treasure hunt where Alex Gallego and Alberto Lanco are finding clues.

"Salta alto" release announcement

“Salta alto” release announcement

They jump to different scenarios until they find a mysterious box with a question. Related to the title of the song (Jump high), it’s a symbolism of life itself, continually seeking new goals and overcoming the difficulties that arise.

The two brothers sing this track together where the main vocals and original composition are of Alberto Lanco. 

Over fifty people worked in the video and were engaged about five hours in the recording. Thanks to all.

Aravai - Salta alto

Aravai – Salta alto

June 16, 2012

“Mai estaràs sol” starts playing on 40Catalunya & Andorra radio formula

The catalan version of “nowhere alone” it’s here. “Mai estaràs sol”, song composed and performed by Alex Gallego, starts playing on radio formula in Spain. Thanks to people like Victor de la Torre or Neus Gonzalez, “mai estaràs sol” is going to be heard in 40Principales Catalunya and Cadena Dial every week. Here you can listen a sample of the spanish radio program, 40Pop.

May 1, 2011

“Nowhere alone” starts playing on the radio

Aravai with “nowhere alone” starts playing on Ona FM radio in Spain!

Stations: Lleida 99.2, Barcelona 103.5, Girona 98.5, Tarragona 97.1. Thanks to all, especially to Neus Gonzalez who loved the song from the start.

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