About us

Aravai is the mixture of three different styles.

Alex Gallego Lancuentra

Alex Gallego

Alex Gallego. Born in Lleida (Spain). He started with electronic music at age fifteen. Fascinated by the sounds of Prodigy, Daft Punk, Chicane or Café del Mar, Alex continued experimenting melodies and rhythms with the computer while he began playing guitar and singing. Gradually he created his first songs. Later, attracted by latin music, rumba and melodic songs, his compositions and productions were taking a mixed mood. Classical guitars, acoustic guitars and vocals, mixed with virtual instruments and drum machines give Aravai’s sound signature.

Occupations in Aravai: Singer-songwriter, composer, producer
Instruments: Vocals, classic guitar, acoustic guitar.

Majer Emil

Majer Emil

Majer Emil. Born in Budapest (Hungary). He began his musical career with the group Hip hop denomination, rapping with a high strength and speed in his native language. Moving to UK began writing his first songs in English. With sharp while intimate style, his Eminem influence has given him special agility with words. Provocative texts and surprising rhymes define the style of Emil within Aravai.

Occupations in Aravai: Singer-songwriter
Instruments: Vocals.

Alberto Lanco

Alberto Lanco

Alberto Lanco or Alberto Gallego. Born in Lleida (Spain), older brother Alex. Alberto is a singer with a unique voice and strong personality. Along with its ability songwriter, has three albums to his credit: “Mi mente,” “Un nuevo lugar” and “Amanece Pop”. He began composing his first songs at fourteen, influenced by one of his favorite bands “el ultimo de la fila”, his lyrics conveyed feelings and emotions almost in poem form. Mainly pop style, Alberto has experienced other styles composing many songs, moving in his last stage to rock with his band “nuevospobres” and to dance with Aravai.

Occupations in Aravai: Singer-songwriter, composer, arranger
Instruments: Vocals, classic guitar, acoustic guitar.


About Aravai

Aravai was born in 2007 when Gallego brothers decided to produce electronic music with some of Lanco’s songs. Very interesting tracks like “Premonición”  had a good review.

In 2010 Alex Gallego moved to Bournemouth (UK) where he met Majer Emil. They started making music together and they created “She is the one”, “That girl or “Nowhere Alone”, their first english rumba with an awesome music video directed by Laia Navarra.

A year and a half later Alex returned to Spain with Alberto. Aravai started experimenting with dance music and they made sensational tracks like “All I want” or “Feel lalala” with the collaboration of the three components.
In 2012 “Nowhere alone” and “Mai estaràs sol” started playing on spanish radio stations until now.

New music videos like “Salta alto”, a pop-dance track recorded in a fitness center or “I’ll destroy you”, a pure rap hit, give to Aravai that unpredictable sound freshness. Different styles but the same soul, Aravai.