March 29, 2015

Destroying hope

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Destroying hope
Year: 2015
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Well I’m here looking at this lyrics that I haven’t even started

Sitting on my own in this little apartment

Tryna figure it all out I haven’t  set my goals out

Dunno what I should do now questions all around me

I don’t know the answers so please, don’t even ask me

Tryna do this shit on my own but, believe me that’s the

Hardest part, my heart is empty

No thoughts, no facts, no answers just questions I feel like a zombie

Surviving this shit I wanna destroy this shit, fuck hope!

We’regonna make it bro with this shit cuz it’s dope

It’s fucking real like that bitch on shift who loves conflict

It’s sick I wanna quit I’m getting fed up with this shit

I’m living in this fucking vicious cycle turning into a psycho

Surrounded by fucking two faced lying people non-recycled. Stop! and hear my rap and see the end

Of this that gets us outta here, now please bro!! come and hold my hand



It’s like making plans fuck that I’m sick of that

Life’s changing in seconds, so I grab every opportunity that I get

When I’m mad? I grab this pen and pad and write down that I don’t get

It gets me outta this reality that drives me mad

Weekdays and weekends are all the fucking same

Cuz we’re not in your studio to go insane

And do this music shitcuz you’re a good musician

And I’m a good lyricist, listening to this

Is this what we were born for? Yes this is

We’re doing this cuzIt is our destiny that does exist

I take this risk I do anything for this trust this

I got this don’t even care what it takes to get us where we wanna be

Even if It’s my last opportunity, my last breath

I got the remedyIt’s respect, It’s faith, It’s love and trust It’s you and me It’s us


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